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Academy launches probe after indie film's surprise Oscars nod


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Andrea Riseborough's amazing performance is a tour de force. Watched it twice, and I'm not finished. "Oscar" was the first word that popped into my head even before the movie was halfway over. She's up there with Charlize Theron's "Monster", or Hilary Swank's "Boys Don't Cry". The "Industry" rarely rewards low-budget "Indies" so chances are slim that "Best Actress" will go the new "Bette Davis", but make no mistake, "A star is born!"

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quote: Campaigns are often organised by professional companies and generally don't come cheap, so are usually the preserve of large studios.

So like US elections, you traditionally need sacks of campaigning cash to buy you a place on the list. It seems someone has upset the status quo. Good for them.

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nobody cares....

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This article and its information make sense.

The Oscars and social media: one more tacky, narcissistic and stupid than the other.

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beat out presumed frontrunners Viola Davis ("The Woman King")

Maybe yelling Racism because no one wanted to watch her fake history making slavers heroes wasn't a good thing.

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Today 08:50 am JST

You may be right, but the fact the black darling Viola was passed over means "Racist card" will be used and as far as I am seeing in other reports it has already started.

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"Academy launches probe after indie film's surprise Oscars nod" say it about monopoly creative work. It is not the quality of the work or art but who sponsors it. It has little to do with quality. It all about money first, quality second. It is a pleasure to see an indy film and watch the crud pushing mainstream reach as if the crime of the century.

I know this business as an author. A paper quarterly story gets notice from the from the literary honchos but an equally good electronic story is passed up. (I was nominated for an O.Henry Award for story that somehow got into a paper quarterly, which is a long story). I've had equally good electronic stories passed up.

I do not work with agents.

Again, cheers for this indy film.

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Academy launches probe after indie film's surprise Oscars nod

I know I will get a load more down votes, but try being honest.

The last few Oscars and Grammys all we heard was how Racist they are.

So if this "indie" film was by a black director and the actor was black, would there be calls for a "probe" or would people be jumping for joy saying how great her performance was even if they never saw the movie.

Now instead of a down vote have the courage to make a counter comment.

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Today 08:49 pm JST

When you have the former poster child for the far Left Bill Maher now pointing out how Hollywood, the education system, government has gone too far even for him, perhaps the left and Hollywood have a problem.

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“The academy”. What a joke!

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I couldn't care less about the Academy Awards. A bunch of Hollywood elites all slapping each other on the back.

You got that right.

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