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Actor Chris Pine charged in New Zealand with DUI


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Wouldn't be news if he was an average Joe.

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@DaDude - You do realize this was in the entertainment section, so that's why it's reported as enternainment (industry) news?

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I can't believe Captain Kirk has been charged with drunk driving! Oh, the shame! I bet he is being severely berated by both Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy! And probably receiving disapproving looks from Lt. Uhura!

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There is only one Captain Kirk, and that man, handsome though he is, is not he.

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There is only one Captain Kirk, and that man, handsome though he is, is not he.

It would've been more interesting if your man was arrested:

Me...arrested..in the middle of..nowhere..in..New Zealand.

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Actually, I think Chris Pine has done an admirable job of taking over the role of Captain James T. Kirk from William Shatner. I'm disappointed that he has been charged with drunk driving, even if he didn't cause an accident or any trouble, except for being arrested for drunk driving as in this case. He should apologize, do some jail time, pay a heavy fine and never drink and drive again.

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cleoMar. 13, 2014 - 07:33PM JST There is only one Captain Kirk, and that man, handsome though he is, is not he.

I agree. Chris Pine doesn't have that third season paunch.

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What an idiot. I have no sympathy for anyone who drinks and drives.

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Chris Pine doesn't have that third season paunch.

He appears to have his own hair, too.

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I think he would have been an all right Captain Kirk if there were just better script writers making the new movies.

As for the DUI, everyone's tolerance is different. Its not really fair to hold everyone to some number they cannot measure themselves that has no effective meaning. Its just as dangerous to drive sleepy or emotional, but who makes a fuss about that? For those of us who are not hopeless alcoholics, this is essentially just another form of road robbery by the state.

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The studios usually have bunch of 'gophers' to look after the talent, looks like someone forgot their job...

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Well at least he was just driving a car and not the Enterprise! Imagine the Vulcan Space Cops pulled him over, then he'll be in REAL trouble.

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