Actor Geoffrey Rush wins largest ever Australian defamation payout


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A Rupert Murdoch entity has been found guilty of a "recklessly irresponsible piece of sensationalist journalism." I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!!

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Good on ya, mate!

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There are two tragedies in this. One is the obvious one, the undeserved damage to Geoffrey Rush's reputation and career. The other is the damage to the career and reputation of Rush's accuser Eryn Jean Norvill, who said right from the start that she never wanted the issues "to be dealt with by a court". NewsCorp took that away from her by publishing the story in the sensationalist way it did, and thereby inviting a damages suit.

That this whole storm in a teacup ended up in a court is down to the sensation-seeking hacks of the Murdoch Press. NewsCorp could still try to appeal to the High Court, but there's no guarantee that the High Court would agree to hear the appeal. Let's hope they don't, because most of us would think the truth of the matter - and the triviality of it - has been made pretty obvious.

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"recklessly irresponsible piece of sensationalist journalism".

Makes you wonder how many other cases of this type will now collapse because of this as a precedent? Gives credence to the saying "never let the truth get in the way of a good story"

Journalists used to have integrity and a sense of professionalism about things, I think now they are the ones that need to be thrown over the coals. Not everything is in the public interest and certainly not if its a blatant lie!

The Telegraph should publish a full page apology and turn in the journalist and editors responsible into to the authorities so they can face questions on professional misconduct! They are the criminal snot Mr Rush!

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Nobody wins in this case.

Geoffrey Rush will be forever tarred with the accusation, even if it was defeated in court; his accuser will be forever identified as a young woman whose assertions permanently damaged another actor's career - she will struggle to find work after such notoriety.

Meanwhile, the genuinely guilty party - Rupert Murdoch and his notoriously sensationalist and fallacious "news" services - will pay out the paltry (for him) sum of $2 million and blithely go on distorting the truth and wrecking people's lives for money.

He shames the very concept of journalism.

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He should have won an award for his role as Captain Barbossa in Pirates.

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Well done to him. And shame and disgrace on those “victims” who thought they could ride the metoo bandwagon to riches. This is a win on so many levels

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Want to send  Rupert Murdoch a message? Stop buying his publications...

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