Actor Julian Sands missing in Southern California mountains


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Don't go hiking alone, unless the tail is extremely popular. All sorts of unexpected things can happen. When you are alone, you are willing to take more chances and perhaps make a different choice than you've make with others along.

Hopefully, they find him with a broken leg, dehydration and nothing more. There are mountain lions there that could see an easy kill too, if his injuries were too great.

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I hope they find him alive.

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Yeah, he’s dead.

What Fu said. Don’t go hiking alone in the Mountains.

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I definitely know that area very well. I've been up there a couple of times during my university days. It's a popular area for hiking and skiing. During that time, it really does get cold up there. The terrain is not terribly difficult, but there is quite a bit of loose rocks on the trail. I hope they find him soon and hope he had his cell phone, too. I was taught from a very young age to never hike alone and to leave word with a friend or relative where you are hiking.

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Good actor.

Hope he is OK.

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Thefu,maybe you should not go into the mountains,when the weather service say their will be catastrophe flooding

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Balding actor gone missing on Mt Baldy? You can't make this stuff up. Praying he comes out alive.

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They have found his car. That gives them better idea of his route. Hoping he's hunkered down and conserving heat and energy.

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