Actor Michael K Williams, Omar on 'The Wire,' dead at 54


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Sad. I enjoyed his performances. RIP.

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Oh no! He was great! Another drug death?

What a waste!

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Sad news, an amazing actor. If ever I rewatch "The Wire", it will be to watch him. Everything just seemed to get better, somehow, whenever he was onscreen, and absolutely believable and the most 'moral' and heroic character in an otherwise pretty sad universe...I'm not a 'TV person' but a real 'star' is a star in any medium maybe...Rest in peace, dear Sir, and Thank you

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Rest In Peace. Thank you for giving us your best. You will be missed.

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Isn’t this how most roles should be written, portrayed and depicted? :

*- “…whose sexuality wasn't central to his role.”*

‘Sexuality’ and ‘identity’ are just part of who we all are. It should not ‘define’ any kind of character’s “role”, potential, failings or, agenda.

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Isn’t this how most roles should be written, portrayed and depicted? : 

- “…whose **sexuality wasn't central **to his role.”

‘Sexuality’ and ‘identity’ are just part of who we all are. It shouldn’t ‘define’ any kind of character’s “role”, thier potential for success, their failings or, a producer’s ‘agenda’.

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Too soon. He was a great actor who stood out. Like a best supporting actor, in any role he was in, a true 'it' factor in his craft.

RIP, Michael K Williams.

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A terrific actor. RIP. Let's hope it wasn't drugs, considering Omar Little was his greatest role.

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RIP. Sad news.

He was also Albert Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire.

Omar Little spoke some words of wisdom. Like 'if you play with puppies all day long come night how will you tackle the wolves'.

If there is a heaven or a hell then 'Omar's coming'.

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Another druggie bites the dust. Terrible example to the youth that aspire to these veteran actors.

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He had a long history of drug addiction.

"Police sources told the New York Post that drug paraphernalia was found in the home, and the actor may have overdosed on heroin or fentanyl. There was no indication of foul play."

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Too bad this guy worked half his life to get the success and stardom that he lived for only to trust some drug dealer to provide him with a drug that he has no idea of what in it to take all the years he work for away in one bad shot!!!

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That is really and truly sad, the guy was an amazing actor. Loved him on Boardwalk Empire. Drugs are just so bad. This is why they should never become legal, they ruin lives. Hollywood once again lost a great actor.


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Ideological solutions that are impossible in the real world make more sense to those filled with fear, than real-world solutions using risk management that end with better overall results.

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