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Actor Shu Nakajima dies after falling off stage during live performance


Japanese actor Shu Nakajima, 69, has died after falling off the stage during a live performance in Tokyo, media reported Friday.

According to police, the incident occurred during a performance on Thursday of “Other Desert Cities,” starring Shinobu Terajima and Nakajima, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Toshima Ward, Fuji TV reported. At around 8 p.m., an emergency call was placed from the theater, reporting that a man had fallen from the stage.

Police said Nakajima fell about one meter off the stage in front of a live audience and his head hit the theater floor. He was rushed to a hospital where he was confirmed dead.

According to the organizers, Thursday was the first public performance of the play. The actor was already halfway through the show when the accident occurred during a scene as he was attempting to stand up.

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Quite a height if he fell forward or head first.

Poor man, and his poor family. My sincere sympathies to them, it is very sad.

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How awful.

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Wow... so sad.... RIP.

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RIP - I remember him in Kagemusha.


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He went out doing what he loved, and he went quickly. A bit early, but there are worse ways to go. RIP.

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RIP Nakajima san. I photographed Terajima Shinobu san once, and she is a beautiful and wonderful actress. I guess when you have some sort of connection to those involved, you think of that person first, even knowing it was Nakajima san who lost his life. Lately we've lost greatness in Glenn Headley and Bill Paxton in the states, but they were, as Nakajima san, still working and doing their art till they passed away, so they fulfilled their lives, but still, it feels too early, when a recognizable performer dies when they're so active.

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He went out doing what he loved, and he went quickly.

I only ever thought this sentiment was for the living.

Dying is dying I reckon. I think your death would just be a surprise to you most of the time, and I really, really doubt some thing like; 'Thank god this has happened whilst I am doing........' would cross your mind. I think you would be thinking of family and friends and very little about what preceded your death.

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