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Actors seek posthumous protection after big-screen resurrections

By Lisa Richwine and Jill Serjeant

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Umm, Star Wars came out in 1977, not 1997...

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there will come a day when CG actors will outperform and be much cheaper than the real life version. CG actors never get moody, never sleep, can be molded into any personality the owner chooses

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I'm a human being. The day that actors are computer generated I guess is great for my computer and smartphone but it has nothing to do with a real person. Even stupid games need real voice actors.

I saw Rogue One and was appalled at the CG actors. It's not like anyone would mistake the character given the name, role, and uniform. Good casting could have taken care of that

Taking roles and jobs out of the movies and squeezing them for more and more profit is all that this is about. Not about livelihood or craft.

But good movies are about craft.

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One would think the James Earl Jones voice thing wouldn't really be an issue since there must be plenty of voice actors that could perfectly imitate it.

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...features the return of Grand Moff Tarkin, originally played by a long-dead actor.

Peter Cushing... his name is Peter Cushing, and he was one of the UK's best loved actors. At least name him. "A long dead actor"... show some respect.

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I thought the CG Princess Leia in Rogue One was a nice touch - it tied the movie nicely to Episode 4. It worked well because it was such a fleeting appearance. Being instantly recognizable was good. CG Tarkin, on the other hand, was too big a role. As sf2k said, good casting would have been a better option.

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