Actors union explains AI guardrails in strike deal


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The details of the agreement look much better, but still leave some space for abuse. As explained by the article studios could still use generic extras made with the characteristic of artificially generated "people" so they can avoid paying anybody royalties and hiring those extras. Even if each of these extras has to be paid (to whom?) they can just recycle them so a crowd of 200 people can be made with just 20-30 of these generic AI actors "dressed" differently.

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Why studios are so keen on AI images brought to you by Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, and Danny Huston from the 2013 film the Congress (based on Lem's sci-fi classic the Futurological Congress).


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Forget about AI control. It's so pervasive that whether or not it is not supposed to be used within the guidelines of the agreement, slowly it will find itself going beyond the agreement and there will be nothing to stop it. More and more people think that it's a good thing (it isn't) and its use is unstoppable.

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