Actress Anne Heche hospitalized after fiery car crash


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She hit an apartment building garage then later this house. Sounds like drugs, alcohol, suicide, anxiety or depression.

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She was DUI with a bottle of vodka in her car.

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I do feel sorry, for the innocent householders.

Whatever the cause she should not have been driving, hitting the garage should have been a bit of a give away.

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I think her whole life has been plagued by problems. I read she once went into a stranger's home, made herself at home with the homeowner there and wouldn't leave.

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Who ?

Oh, Ellen ?, well, there you go. That explains it

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Drunk Driver, doing 90 Mph apparently according to other sources... sad.

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I'm just glad that she didn't seriously injure or kill any innocent bystanders with her selfish actions.

Drink driving is never acceptable and too often it is innocent people that pay the ultimate price for someone else's selfishness.

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A lot of people driving while depressed, hurting or killing people recently, if this keeps up they might ban driving. What’s wrong with people?!

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to the above, whats wrong with people? Everything is wrong with people. Even normal people are screwed up, it's how you cope.

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According to latest news, Anne Heche will be taken off life support soon.

Spare some thoughts for her.

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