Actress Chiemi Hori getting married for 3rd time


Actress and former pop idol Chiemi Hori, 44, announced her upcoming wedding on a television program in Osaka recently.

Appearing on MBS' "Chichinpuipui," Hori said her 45-year-old boyfriend had proposed to her and that she had been waiting for the proposal for some time. She said the wedding would take place in December.

The twice-divorced Hori has four sons and one daughter and her current boyfriend has one son and one daughter, so "I'll be the mother of seven," she said.

Hori's agency Shochiku Entertainment said the wedding date has not been decided yet. It also denied that Hori was pregnant and assured her fans that she will continue working after getting married.

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She must have a wash-n-wear wedding dress...

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** congratulations take care

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marring to 3 men...? what a messy woman.

That does sound messy.

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and assured her fans that she will continue working after getting married.

How about teaching them that if they were true fans, they would support any decision made for her happiness rather than selfishly want her to continue working no matter what?

Anyway, good for her to get married again. Life is too long to stay in a marriage that is not happy, and too short as well.

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maybe this time it will stick

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Yes, that's a very unpleasant problem of married life, that people can't be bigamous or can't have even many more wives or husbands at the same time, thus they always need to divorce and get remarried one by one, one after another.

Very time wasting , too bad. huuhhhhhhh

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Was it them or was it her?

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This has got to be the record for most marriages in Japan.

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“I’ll be the mother of seven,”

Um, eight once you start treating hubby like one of them. Or even better, once he starts acting like one of them.

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Why not?

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marring to 3 men...? what a messy woman. marry one and keep many as you want.

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what a messy woman. marry one and keep many as you want.

I cannot decide if its sarcasm, anal-retentiveness, or a mind too small to keep track of new husbands that drives your comment.

If its sarcasm then sorry for what I am going to say, but if you want your life neat and traditional (and yes, having a lover is traditional) then good for you. But hold back on the criticism. Others lives are for them to lead, even if you can't quite keep up. The problem is not she is messy. The problem is within you. Again, sorry if that was sarcasm.

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