Actress Debbie Reynolds dies at 84, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher's death


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Oh, this is just so sad. No parent should have to witness the death of their child. I hope she recovers soon. Great actress, a true legend.

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The scene where his daughter was dying of old age while he was still young had me in tears

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Debbie Reynolds has died. RIP

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I feel bad for Carrie's brother - now he has two funerals to deal with. Hard to lose two members of your family one day apart.

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I feel bad for Carrie's brother

Agree, truly tragic.

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In light of these rash of 2016 celebrity deaths

"Someone Started a GoFundMe Campaign to ‘Protect’ Betty White From 2016"



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Yeah, I agree with Bass on this one. As a parent, we have the expectation that our kids will see us die, not the other way around. The other way around is horrible.

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The wife said to me yesterday that so many people we know have died this year.

Yes I replied, but the most important thing for us is that we are still alive.

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Debbie looked amazing in that recent pic. Funny, I worry about that little dog of Carrie's.

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Singing in the rain was one of the masterpiece of Musicals.It was Debbie first movie and she made it great. She was only,19 and performed well. Mother adored her daughter very much. They were pretty close.

In 1977, Carrie performed as princess in Star wars. She was 19 as her mum first movie. Although she did not sing and dance as Debbie, she looks cute as her character.

Sadly both of them have gone within a day. Like Mother Like Daughter and again Like Daughter Like Mother! RIP for legends. Although they were gone, Singing in the rain and Star Wars be still entertaining for a long time.

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Rest in peace, Ms. Reynolds.

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In the meantime if anyone may be interested, this is a short (but hilarious !) preview of the documentary Carrie had made with her mother to chronicle the final performances in her mom's nightclub act. R.I.P Debbie Reynolds.


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Sad story. RIP ms. Debbie

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Hope she recovers soon. A horrible time for her.

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Hope Billie's father is around also. Carrie always said that Byron was her rock and the first person she turned to in emergencies or times of trouble.

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@ Strangerland - Have you watched "Interstellar"

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84, a very good innings. It was bad that her daughter die the day before at 60, a fair innings. Both had overcome the privilege life of cel-lebs. From the run of the latter I stand on both had led great lives. And good for them. But now the family has to decide on holding Kerry on ice for a few extra days and have a two for one deal. There is a very good chance that the same guest will go to both events if held separately. Like the Governor of Cal would have to go to both and others prominate guest also. So My money is on a double header, which will take place at the same place one after each other. Now to the hard decision of deciding who will go first ?

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She had a couple hotels in vegas with her names but she was not a stuck up. She sang her songs for us. RIp both of them.

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I wonder how many more celebrities will die in the next few minutes.

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