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Actress Junko Mihara to run in upper house election


Junko Mihara, a bad-girl character actor from the 1980s, has announced that she will be running in the summer upper house election as the Liberal Democratic Party's proportional-representation candidate.

''I have a strong interest in politics,'' said the 45-year-old actress at an event organized by the LDP's women's affairs division.

Mihara became popular for playing a young female delinquent in the school drama, "Sannen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei," and also gained a measure of fame as a singer and television regular.

Mihara told participants at the event that she became particularly interested in social welfare after undergoing a hysterectomy, or surgical removal of the uterus, due to cervical cancer, and recently began running a care facility.

Mihara said that she will be running on a social security reform platform for the upcoming election, expected to be held in July.

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I can't warm up to celebrity politicians. I doubt that their qualifications as decision makers match their fame as actors or what not.

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Japan's upper house is a menagerie of pro wrestlers, speed skaters and TV comics. I can't think of a single justification for its continued existence.

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This women seems to have some first hand experience with what her platform will be all about, so at least her heart's in the right place.

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Because anyone can be a politician in Japan.

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ca1ic0cat - Just what are the qualifications required to be a politician?

Looking at the current Diet, it's a combination of lots of money, a political parent or relative; dirty connections, zero morals, lust for power, and equal measures of sleaze and corruption.

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I kindof like Celebrity actors. They are usually free of special interests groups, because they've already made enough money to compete in the political arena. You usually get what you vote for.

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****This LOL quote compelled me to quit lurking and join this forum of sarcasm, contempt and outright vitriol. ;)

Beelzebub at 09:18 AM JST - 10th April

Japan's upper house is a menagerie of pro wrestlers, speed skaters and TV comics.

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Very pretty lady for 45...she gets my vote...

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If she is interesetd in social welfare, then why run for the LDP? Doesn`t make sense.

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45 and hot.

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