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Actress Nao Minamisawa donates box-office revenues to UNICEF Japan


Actress Nao Minamisawa, 18, star of “Akai Ito,” now showing in cinemas, donated 3.8 million yen of box-office takings to a Japan Committee for UNICEF representative at a function in Minami Ward on Thursday.

In conjunction with Fuji TV’s “35th FNS Charity Campaign,” every ticket sold for the movie “Akai Ito” sold will see five yen go to UNICEF Japan, and will be used to support children in the Republic of Guyana in South America. Minamisawa handed over the 3.8 million yen, generated from 760,000 movie tickets sold. She said: “If the movie can help even a little bit, I’m happy.”

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Kudos to the young lass, but I wonder how much of that 3.8 million Yen will actually go to help children, and not support the UN gravy train of administration costs? And UNICEF Japan? Isn't it just plain UNICEF? Another reason to worry...

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At least she is trying in a meaningful way. Good luck to her :)

Better than some lame duck "Bestist" wishing for world peace and happiness.

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Agree that some of the "charities" are bureaucratic nightmares however do think that this young woman has her heart in the right place and it would be nice if a precedent was being set.

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5 yen is .05 percent of the price of a ticket. How generous. And then they crow about it to the public as part of their promotion, while benefitting from a tax write-off. The ironies of corporate charity . . .

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The kid is 18-years-old, she doesn't have any idea of what a bureaucratic screw-job the U.N. is or what obscene overhead the donation will prop up. As she gets older, she'll give her money to more legitimate organizations like Oxfam or Doctors without Borders, or the Red Swastika Society.

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The donation does not come out of the pocket of Nao, I imagine. There is a company that produced this movie. That's where the .5 percent comes from. I doubt the percentage Mr. plasticmonkey quoted. Of course this is nice promotion for the film, and maybe, just maybe, it was Nao's idea. What matters is that some people who need help are going to benefit.

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what I would like to see is those stupid tarentos on TV donating all the prizes and money they win to charities. It's sickening to watch famous people (no matter how much their agency's cut is) on TV jumping up and down after winning cash. I've never seen this happen in other places.

I also remember when they had that big earthquake a few years back. Can't recall any of the tarentos/actors doing anything to help. The only donation I do recall was from some Korean star, either Yon-sama or Che Ji-u.

Plastic: Agreed. If you're going to make a big hooha out of this, make sure you give more than 0.05%. Just like the interest from my bank. I'd rather not get any interest, rather than see that whopping 5yen interest in my bank book. An insult.

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