Actress says Geoffrey Rush touched her inappropriately


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A News Corp tabloid wrag again in a defamation case, not a #MeToo-linked criminal investigation.

Something happened in a performance (King Lear mind you) with plaintiff playing a king who has lost the plot and his daughters. Post-performance behaviour (ie. unscripted real life) seems secondary thus far.

Maybe some Murdoch journalist and editor think the movies 'Shine'and 'Quills' were real life rather than a a scripted imitation of it.

Then Rush strangely might wonder why he gets the current unwanted attention after playing a compulsive pianist without social skills and a French marquis who was the source of everything sado-masochistic.

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Here we go again. Just trying to get money out of him.

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I don't believe a word this woman is saying.

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I would think of one thing with all these MeToo, most board rooms..... would start having security camera installed and recordings would be stored for life time for legal purpose. Everyone will have body cam as well. Here is business opportunities for those equipment manufacturers and storage (monthly subscriptions).

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In USA, you can't make an article without a proof. Sometime, they all know there is a problem; but they can't talk.

So with one true testimony everyone get overboard. This is not about money, this is about digging the dirt and convincing other women to talk.

If journalist don't get anything more, then it was probably a misunderstanding or a drunk day (which is a real sexual harassment).

So now, it is a matter of wait and see.



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She was just "Me too" attention seeker. I don't believe what she accused about Geoffrey Rush.

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