Adam West, star of 1960s TV series 'Batman', dies at 88

By Mike Coppola

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The original!

Not exactly. On the telly, yes but the original Batman was portrayed (1943) by Lewis Wilson when the caped crusader was pitted against Imperial Japanese spies in Gotham. Cue some racial content and it doesn't really cut the mustard beyond the times it was produced.

1949's Batman and Robin had Robert Lowery as Bats.

Holy useless Bat Facts!

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The only Batman. Much preferred his Caped Crusader over the dreary, po faced Dark Knight.

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Holy moly!!  Adam West has passed away!  He was a great actor, he played Batman even better than Michael Keaton, ha ha, actually a lot better than Keaton or any of the other Batman actors.   RIP

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The original!

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No Adam West - No Robinson Crusoe On Mars !

RIP Colonel Dan

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RIP, Mayor West.

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That were a great series growing up

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Too soon...RIP, Caped Crusader!

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