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Adele breaks record with million song downloads


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Wonder how a singer like Adele would had fared in Japan

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Actually she has amassed over 250,000,000 views.

What surprises me here in Japan is that a lot of people haven't even heard of Adele, yet she was number 1 in the US and UK for a number of years. It shows me that the Japanese media tend to focus on international acts that have kawaii looks, like Justin and Taylor rather than pure talent.

Well done Adele

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Sadly they wouldn't have given her the time of day. As a female artist in Japan the pressure to look a certain way is too great. Unfortunately that pressure supersedes any amount of talent. Even if they do decide to give you a chance they would first tell you to lose 5kg and then use your size as a gimmick to sell you - even though your talent is more than enough to do so.

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