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Adele dominates Grammy ceremony, clouded by Houston's death


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Foo Fighters album recorded in the garage - way to go!!

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Finally someone who can actually sing is winning this event. Well deserved, Adele. I am happy to see that people are understanding again what a real singer should sound like.

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They should have given the Grammy to Whitney.

Why? She didn't release any new albums, singles, or performances this year which is what the Grammy awards are about. They did tributes to her and Amy Winehouse (who was releasing material until she passed which is why she actually won an award) and a bunch of other artists who passed away since last year's Grammys.

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Real singer, beautiful voice, great songs. Unfortunately many Japanese do not know about her. They prefer AKb48

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I think its funny that both Kayne West and Taylor Swift win Grammys on best songs in their individual categories on the same night.

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Fantastic performance by Adele, and a very nice ovation from her peers.

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The villa remix of rolling in the deep is worth a listen

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Witney was (is) famous for her 40 or more seconds longs acapella intros, but Adele can perform whole songs acapella or companied by a piano playing cords... I do believe she (Adele) is the second best singer of the past 100 years, after my favourite, Janis Joplin...

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for those who say they don't like Adele, listen to this:


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@gyouza, I'll beat that: best new artist and best alternative band Bon Iver's leader recorded their previous album in his family's hunting cabin. Amazing what kind of catchy results you get when this band starts dabbling with the subtleties of vocoder/autotune, trombone, and high pitched male vocals.

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@torafusutorasan Thats pretty cool! I think if the point is that if the core music is strong enough, you don't need expensive studio time to get your talent heard.

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Congratulations to Foo Fighters! I don't really like Adele's music, I don't know if she deserves so many awards. I think she's overrated...

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Well done Adele,this is my favourite song by her


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don't like Adele's songs -_-

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They should have given the Grammy to Whitney.

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I don't like Adele because she is a Spurs supporter.

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I don't really like Adele's music, I don't know if she deserves so many awards. I think she's overrated...

I might like her songs, I just can't get past her cackling vibrato.

6 awards?

Give one to Jeff Beck. To Gregg Alman. To Keb Mo. To Ralph Stanley. To Marcia Ball.

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