adidas probing allegations about Kanye West's behavior

By Sam Reeves

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From a marketing perspective it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to name a fashion line with something that so easily rhymes with sleazy.

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Marries a 'reality' star who got famous for sex tapes and body construction. Has a rap career. Sets up a 'ministry' but is affiliated with the likes of Marilyn Manson. Kisses up to the antichrist trump. Sets up a parochial school where the kids' parents sign 'I'll never sue ya' waivers/disclose agreements. Oh, and stealing money in that enterprise too. Sneaker sales contracts to boot.

Then he sasses off the hateful yapper, bashing Jews. I'm not Jewish but I don't believe this antisemitic bullcrap one bit. What did they ever do to deserve getting 6 million of them snuffed out by the rancid Nazis? Of course when I was in college it was Muslims getting that treatment in Yugoslavia and the Tutsis in Rwanda. I don't care who or what it is or what the excuses are because there are none.* *Jew-bashing is never cool!

Now nobody wants anything to do with poor baby Ye (except Muskrat). And more more allegations and dirty deeds and doo-doo is being discovered every day. I don't feel one bit of sympathy for this devil. This Jew-bashing Jerk did it all to himself. Antisemitism, racism of any kind, Islamophobia, homophobia, any kind of hate is juvenile at best. There's no place for it today. Diaper Don is the most vivid example. And now Ye is being revealed as a bullying pornographic antisemitic thief and thug. His house of cards is tumbling and his career may soon be ending. WAH.

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Ironic, considering Adidas was founded by a full-fledged Nazi.

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