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Affleck wins directors' top award as 'Argo' hurtles toward Oscars


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Ben is the new king and I love the vid of him eating his Big Mac in LA traffic and driving himself last year doing it. 20 more years of awesome flicks to come with this Boston man. The Town rocked too.

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I've seen in this movie. It's okay. I's not the BEST movie I have ever seen. It's average at best. Nothing special...

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Haven't seen the movie yet, but good on the man. Affleck has taken a lot of crap in the media over the years, so it's good to see him taken seriously again.

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It's average at best. Nothing special...

If Argo is, in your eyes, average then I would love to know what you consider to be above average....

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I really enjoyed the movie and that was with my watching it knowing the outcome and knowing that it wasn't 100% factual. I thought Affleck did a fantastic job of creating a tense atmosphere where even watching the hostages hanging out and playing cards had me on the edge of my seat. It's probably not "the best" movie I've ever seen either but I did think it was far better than average and worthy of the awards it's getting.

On top of that, I loved the use of some of Hollywood's great, under-appreciated character actors such as Clea Duvall, Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochrane, Kerry Bishé and Christopher Denham, all of whom have an "everyman" appeal to them rather than being the typical Hollywood hotties who look like no one I know. I loved Bryan Cranston, who's been a favorite of mine since Malcolm In The Middle. Alan Arkin was great as always and even Ben Affleck, who gets a lot of criticism for his wooden acting, managed to be believable and in nearly every scene without stealing any of them.

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