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Judge extends pause on John Oates' sale of stake in business with Daryl Hall as arbitration proceeds


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Daryl Hall and John Oates were a great 80s pop duo, who achieved so much considering their humble beginning as long-distance truckers... haulin' oats.

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JayToday  11:28 am JST

Daryl Hall and John Oates were a great 80s pop duo, who achieved so much

I know some people dismiss them now but I enjoy their music and grew up with them in the 80s. Seen them twice. First time was with that other great male duo Tears For Fears and the second time was a year later and even better but the opening act was the crap pop band Train.

Those two have been together through and through and they're the greatest and most successful male duo in history. I read in Rolling Stone mag online that Daryl sold some copywrites to Primary Wave Music 15 or 16 years before and now doesn't want John to do it because 'it makes them look bad'? This article hinted at that too. But some other sources claim that Daryl 'can't go for' having any relation with Primary Wave. No can do.

But apparently he did. And he don't want John to do so now? This makes zero sense.

Is anything sacred? Something beautiful's dying because of a dumbbutt business dispute. Not making our dreams come true, more like spoiling it all.

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Daryl seems to doing something that you can say is wrong, and judging from what John says - Daryl's imagination has got the best of him!

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