After sensational trial, Johnny Depp releases an album


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Yet another slanted article.

The choice to include a song focused on sado-masochism might seem bizarre to some, given the ultra-mediatized trial centered on alleged domestic abuse between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard

Any literate person would know that Venus in Furs is a book about a masochistic man, not sado-masochism. But a literate person would also know that "ultra-mediatized" is nowhere near being a word. Is writing for the mainstream media now the fallback option for people who aren't talented enough to write a blog?

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The album also includes a song the 59-year-old "Pirates of the Caribbean" star penned himself: "This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr."

Depp has always had good taste, such as associating himself with Hunter S. Thompson.

Hedy Lamarr, besides being beautiful, was a genius who helped invent the protocols we are using for WiFi and Bluetooth today.

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Venus in Furs is a Velvet Underground cover. The album is terrible karaoke, and they massacred that song. Terrible. He is a total creep

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I hope it’s a comedy album.

So many sound bites he could use from the trial to lay down tracks with.

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Depp is pure cringe now.

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Pathetic, just pathetic..

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Panned by critics???

So was ' paranoid ' and ' bohemian rhapsody '

I had a listen to the lp, not my cup of tea but not a bad album at all.

So much hating go on here from people who have achieved nothing compared to Beck and Depp. Sad pathetic jealousy.

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Man, those are some ugly tattoos; nothing’s coordinated with anything else. Wonder how CGI experts deal with them in the movies.

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Amazing actor, and fully vindicated by the civil courts in the US. They say he is pretty handy on the axe too - will have a listen on Spotify!

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I just finished watching Minamata. Great movie. Nice to see Depp has his life back.

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I wish him the best going forward - he's just survived one vicious attack which nearly ruined him, and has potentially left his career scarred for life. Hope he can rebuild it and move on.

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