Monty Python star Terry Jones dies at 77


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He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

Thanks for all the laughs (and the great Chaucer work). RIP.

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That's sad news, but got to look on the bright side, his films, his books. His life that's how you live it to the full.

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I grew up watching Terry Jones and the Monty Python gang. Thanks for making me laugh and think.


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What a great photo. People often say 'legend' but in this case it is true. He will live on through his works.

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Anyone else think of Monty Python as a major part of their humor growing up? These guys had an oversized influence on me.

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His history books are amazing, his comic genius. A very smart man, I hope at his funeral somebody stands up and says "he is not the Messiah just a wonderful man" as above he changed the way I see the world.

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Couple of documentaries about Python on Netflix and YouTube give great insight into their range of skills.  He used his 77 years well.

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Worm: Allo.

Sarah: Did you say... hello?

Worm: No, I said "allo," but that's close enough.

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Farewell, Superintendent Harry "Snapper" Organs of the Yard.

Your Ratty in Toad of Toad Hall will always be fondly remembered by those of us fortunate enough to be in the Panama Canal at the time.

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Going to have to search for my much read, dog-eared copy of the Saga of Erik the Viking next time I go to my Dad's house so I can pass it on to my kids. Thanks for all the laughs!

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RIP Terry. One of the giants. Watching Palin break down on BBC News yesterday when talking about his friend was heartbreaking.

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Gone but not forgotten which is more than most will be able to say. Many thanks for all the laughs from the heart of my bottom.

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