Ai Tominaga not talking about remarriage yet


Model Ai Tominaga, 28, attended an opening event for fashion store Shel'tter in Shibuya this year. Journalists were more interested in the man she was seen dating in January of this year. "It's going well," said Tominaga, who has been divorced since 2009.

On the subject of remarriage, she said: "We haven't spoken about that yet." Tominaga, who has one child by her ex-husband, said she would "perhaps like to have two more kids."

Tominaga was joined at the fashion event by singer Thelma Aoyama and model Hitomi Nishina.

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2 more. Why? Adopt one or two from Fukushima. Would be a great gesture.

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I would be very honored if Ai would be the mother of my children. I am even willing to drop them off.

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Gotta love how any article about a female celeb doing anything turns into, "But when will you get (re)married???"

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also like the very casual attitude to marriage in Japan. Is it always like that? i have heard of several cases where J women become crazy when marriage breaks down....

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Ah, the cutting questions from the Japanese press.

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2 more kids ?........sounds like 2 more marriages in the works

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