Aika sings theme song for Hollywood movie 'Ironclad'


"Ironclad" is an epic action flick set in the time of the Knights Templars, starring Paul Giamatti as the tempestuous King John, who reneges on his signing of the Magna Carta promising freedom to all men. The movie is already out on Video on Demand VOD and was released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

The music was arranged and produced by award-winning producer Nicolas Farmakalidis of Neila Productions. The main riffs as well as many musical elements of the trailer music were derived from a song called "Dancing Arrows" by Aika, which was co-written by Aika Hirahara (sister of Ayaka Hirahara) and Nicolas Farmakalidis. Aika is the first Japanese singer to perform the theme song of a multimillion dollar Hollywood movie.

Aika gives an exotic spice on this unique musical composition with her distinctive and expressionistic vocals. This rare melodic line and her characteristic singing style, incorporates the Japanese "Yo scale" as well as the "in scale," which is used primarily in Buddhist chants. Aika is a singer/songwriter who exploded in the Japanese music scene in 2006 with the debut album “ai wo” (EMI) which peaked at the top-10 radio charts. Her second full-length album will be released later this year, which includes the previously mentioned track called “Dancing Arrows.”

The fully produced music video - directed by Jonathan English, who also directed “Ironclad” – includes footage from the movie and is available online.

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pretty average movie though.Those who enjoy a bit of splatter might enjoy it.

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In history the castle was kept by 100 men.....not 20!! Impossible.

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Just listened to the song, very nice.

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She really did a great job with that song. I hope they will put talented singers more into the spotlight here. Hope to hear more from her.

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sounds like a bad movie

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Hmmm, the Knights Templar have had a bit of bad press lately, thanks to that Norwegian.

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Leading role: JAMES PUREFOY Supporting role: DEREK JACOBI

I think I just grew a beard after looking at the cast bill

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Notice how all movies these days have something in Japan, an actor, a theme song, heck even cars 2 has a scene here... it's because people still buy movies here

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Hmmm...wait for the DvD.

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gogogo: "Notice how all movies these days have something in Japan, an actor, a theme song, heck even cars 2 has a scene here... it's because people still buy movies here"

I'd hardly say ALL movies, but many do, yes, as with TV, and the reason is pure and simple: marketing. You put a Japanese actor or actress in said movie/show and it guarantees the film board will clear it quicker and it'll make more waves in the media, so long as it glorifies said actor and/or the nation (they certainly weren't too pleased with Lost in Translation). Anyway, when it benefits the movie or show I see no problem with it, but when it's an obvious plug I think it stinks.

I hadn't even heard of this movie or the song, but I'll check them out.

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thats the youtube link of the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j8MXQ1_T7c&ob=av2n

and here is the itunes link


I hope to hear more from them soon

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