AKB Theater celebrates 4,000 performances, 1 million visitors


The AKB48 Theater in Tokyo's Akihabara district this week celebrated 4,000 performances by the megapopular all-girl idol group. The theater also welcomed its 1 millionth visitor since it opened on Dec 8, 2005, NTV reported Thursday.

The theater, which has 250 seats, has held performances almost everyday, with a total of 3,617 AKB48 performances up until Wednesday. Including the performances of AKB48’s visiting sister groups, in nearly 9 years and 3 months, the theater has held over 4,000 performances in total -- a far cry from the very first show that drew only seven fans.

The 1 millionth guest was a 19-year-old college student from Osaka. After receiving the “AKB Lifetime Free Pass Ticket” from Yui Yokoyama, the captain of Team K and next in line to be the "General Director" of the group, she gushed: “Now every time I come to Tokyo, I will come to the theater.”

During the performance, Yokoyama broke the "kusudama" (a golden ball that holds a decorative message banner), and said, "In order to reach the 2 million and 3 million mark, we’ll combine our power and do our best.”

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Some of their songs are not bad, but the whole concept behind this group is getting old and really tiring. I think enough is enough, there's Japanese music that's so much better than idol music, but it is way less popular. Such a pity.

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I AM BEYOND PROUD of the girls in AKB48. I mean, BEYOND proud! I can't even begin to tell you how much I've cheered for these girls and rooted for them since nearly their beginning. Although I've never been lucky enough to attend an actual theatre concert, I have certainly watched my fair share of them on dvds and totally have kept my support and commitment to them throughout their lifetime as an idol unit. AND I don't think for even one second that AKB48 has got old or tiresome! Every month, every day even, I continue to be inspired by the girls and their hard work. My wish is to see them continue to grow and reach the three million show mark. They will someday, and I think when they do, all the naysayers who come on Japan Today and LOVE to criticize AKB48 will be sorely proven wrong. I wait for that day. I really do. Yosh iku zoh!!! Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Jya Jya!!!

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Reading your post with my sarcasm lenses on makes it all the more relevant.

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True Japanese legends. Brings to mind the Ship of Theseus. If over time one continually replaces the rotting timbers on a ship is the ship still the original Ship of theseus or does it eventually lose that identity. And if so, when? seems to me most of the current 48 weren't in the original line up (more's the pity).

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4,000 performances, 1 million visitors.....

But how many dead braincells?

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I'd like to know the ratio of young female fans to over 40 pervy men.

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Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Jya Jya!!!

these sound like adult toys

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Pretty typical of everyone on here to bash somebody who actually likes AKB48. But here's something to think about... has anyone on here actually gone to Jakarta, learned the words to a song in the language spoken by Jakartans, and then sung that song while giving a concert to people over there, all in the name of peace and friendship?

Didn't think so.

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djv I have. in Bahasa. and also in Taiwan in Mandarin. But i don't look anything as good as any one of the lovely AKB members.

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“Now every time I come to Tokyo, I will come to the theater'

For crying out loud, get yourself a naughty partner - you're 19. Your college grades will probably improve too.

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I quite like the group, there songs are quite good, and uplifting and musical, Iam sure there are going to be people that will tell me that I am wrong, but if you listen to the music that my son listens to, we its driery, monotoned, flat with out music scales, they walk around with baseball caps on the wrong way grabbing their crotch, most are talentless and they certainly can't dance or sing. where as AKB can, I certainly can't remember Any of my sons groups or songs let alown any lyrics, where on AKB I can name there songs and sing along to them ( by my self) so each to there own I say.

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I guess the real question is, "Why the hell is this even news in the first place? " He has been awarded to go see talentless girls perform for the rest of his life. WHO CARES!!!

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I don't think there's anything wrong with making a profit while spreading joy, peace, and friendship. The girls have to make a living and AKB has to continue to be the marketing machine it has been and always will be. Organizations like AKB cost money to run. And honestly, the point of my comment was that they are actually DOING something good with their lives, causing people to smile and forget about this garbage world for a moment, and that's more than I'm willing to bet 90% of the people who come onto Japan Today every time they post a news brief about AKB and start criticizing them or wotas like myself who have been deeply moved by the group for many years. And to those who have done something with their lives, good for you and try to show respect to others who are doing something positive in life, like going to another country and singing songs and dancing and making many, many people happy in the process.

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Steady on there. It's only a girl group we're talking about, not Gandhi.

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Gandhi wouldn't have looked very good in a mini-skirt.

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Please tell me, why can't a 19-year-old female go to a concert of a group that she likes? Did you not go to concerts of groups you liked when you were 19? What makes you think she doesn't have a boyfriend because she goes to a concert of a group she likes?


There are stats out there on who buys and votes on single releases, you know? For the record, the vast majority of fans as indicated by these statistics are either teenagers or are in their low to mid 20s. AKB certainly does have its fair share of older male fans, but to think they represent the fanbase is willful ignorance on behalf of those who wish to justify their hatred of AKB48.

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What is it that causes people to be so passionately opposed to a pop music group? Every time there is a story about AKB there is a huge negative reaction among those writing posts.

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I am so relieve to read an article about AKB that doesn't related to child porn! Things are looking up!

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