AKB48 member trips off stage, suffers head injury


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Ouch!!! Feel sorry for her. It’s embarrassing enough anywhere in the world.

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I hope see recovers well. Luckily there are many members so the group will manage without her for a while.

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Poor Kaori chan.  hope this head injury doesn't damage her career prospects.

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Will she be able to graduate on time? What does she plan to do for a career anyway?

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I guess her management company will be suing her for millions of Yen in lost profits any day now.

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On the up side, several more people have now heard of her.

I wish her a speedy and full recovery.

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Her face is her most valuable asset

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Wish her well. All the stage light can be blinding and disorientating.

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Maybe 48 girls on the stage at one time is way too many.

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That's what happens when you have far too many people in one 'band', all pretending to dance. Not enough stage. Hope she gets well, and the organizers get well in the head, too.

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AKB dances aren't as hardcore as K-Pop dances; most dance routines are stationary and don't require a lot of space.

AKB dance routines are designed in such a way that even novices and part-timers(Yes, there are part time AKB members) can perform.

It is not the lack of space that is the issue, but the disorientation caused by noise and blinding stage lights.

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Her face is her most valuable asset

Which tells everyone that you have no idea where she hit her head.

The injury did no involve her face, the occipital bone, is bone that looks like a saucer on the back of your head.

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The poor girl! Everyone trips once in a while... in Washington State, more so than not dues to all the rain!

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