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AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda demonstrates 'snow karate' in g.u. commercial


AKB48 singer Atsuko Maeda, 20, shows a few karate moves in the new TV commercial for fashion brand "g.u." In the commercial, which airs from Monday, Maeda -- wearing the brand's winter line -- karate chops snowflakes and says "I, Atsuko Maeda, am going to warm the Japanese winter."

Speaking to reporters at an event to launch the ad campaign, Maeda said: "When I become 20 years old, I would like to be g.u. (a pun on the Japanese word 'jiyu' which means free in English). I'll be an adult and be able to do things at my pace without bothering other people and being thought of as naive."

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Very cool :) (pun intended). I honestly didn't know that Atsuko was a Karateka which earns her 1000 cool points with me :) Unfortunately Atsuko thinks that people will no longer see her as naive because she has come of age by Japan's standards but the truth is people will still see her that way as long as she is young. Atsuko needs to stop caring so much about what others think based on lame stereotypes and because other people want to look superior. When people believe stupid stereotypes based on age, race, financial background ect it only shows how uneducated, ignorant or naive they are. Hopefully Atsuko will come to understand this. She has too much success to let idiotic people weigh so on her mind.

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Atsuko is not only going to warm the Japanese winter, she's going to burn it up!

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"I’ll be an adult and be able to do things at my pace without bothering other people and being thought of as naive.”

Nah, you won't stop being naive once the clock hits midnight, my dear, especially when only wearing a single layer shirt in the snow.

As for this 'g.u.' thing, it's yet another example of stupid use of a foreign language, which AKB48 seems to excel at more than anything else. But she'll probably just use 'K.Y.' and slip away if I say such things.

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She looks anorexic

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She is like me...... talentless. However unlike me she is naive. Shock!! Horror!! age doesn`t prevent naivety.

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People won't change how they look at her as long as she's AKB.

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“I, Atsuko Maeda, am going to warm the Japanese winter.”

She better be willing to do something really hot to accomplish that.

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OoOOO...she looks cute. But does age really matter for personality? O.o

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@RaichuLov Here's the thing - I don't know what country you are from or what country you live in but in the U.S. and often times in Japan people DO automatically assume things about your personality based on your age. Watch that sad excuse for a Judge called "Judge Judy" sometime, you'll see a prime example of this form of ignorance. Another good example is my next door neighbor - she herself is in her mid 20s (only a few years older than the people she judges) and she said that she'd never date a 20-year-old because they're all supposedly "immature". She automatically assumes that garbage based on the actions of a couple handfuls of 20-year-olds who are actually stupid and because everybody else assumes it, not because it's true.

The fact is, there are almost (and in some cases more) stupid, immature 40 and 50-year-olds out there but everybody ignores that because they don't have that wonderful "young = stupid, immature and naive" stereotype looming over them. People really need to stop being so quick to judge and so naive as to believe things like that.

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i like her

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I just saw it. She doesn´t do any punching, just a few poses.

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@mike You have to be pretty young and naive to think there are more mature twenty year olds around than 40-50 year olds... But we often hear teens say this kind of thing.

Because you see older adults have a what looks to be immature moment, doesn't make them immature or a young person more mature than them. It's not how you kid or interact with people but how you behave consistently under duress that shows your maturity.

The few instances you look at someone older and deem them "childish" doesn't change how much more often a young developing person (most studies show the brain continuing to mature until after age 22) can't hold it together consistently.

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Her thumbs are likely to be broken if she hits anything!

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