AKB48 sister group member criticizes probe into assault on her as 'lies'


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A brave young woman for continuing to make noise about this. Her company, by trying to keep the attack quiet, is basically saying it's fine to assault girls and women.

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She was assaulted and almost raped. She was lucky to get away because they were startled by someone coming.

The men were captured but the company chose not to press charges. All of this sounds like a clear coverup.

They concluded that the men had clear connections to other members. However, they have not mentioned how the men knew where she lived or how they acquired her schedule to knew exactly when she would be back.

But no one seemed to have shared that information and the company is off the hook for now properly protecting her.

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The entire J idol entertainment industry is in urgent need of a interdependent media ombudsman to carry out an investigation into the incestuous business relationship between, management company, agency legal responsibility and independence in representing members welfare and interests

Additionally the abnormal obnoxious, carousel labour contract model, and the stranglehold these entertainment agencies *Jimusho** *structure prohibits competition within the broadcast media industry as a whole .

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We need a new investigation over the investigation.

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This reeks of corruption.

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My friend and was an ex-idol who was also raped, twice.

Same result, no charges and the attackers got to walk. Instead she was put in psychological hospital and even not have depression and insomnia. She ended up owing money to her agency instead for breach of contract.

Japan have no justice system. All those agencies are well connected and can get away with murder. They can probably shoot people in broad daylight and won’t get charged.

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I’m asking out of wide-eyed bewilderment: can someone please explain the “not indicted” aspect?

Do the police need someone to actually press charges? I’m assuming if I were stabbed by a would-be mugger I surely wouldn’t need to go through the formality of pressing charges. The police would act, regardless of my involvement after the fact. Why should attempted rape or related charges be any different?

Failing that, can the victim herself press charges?

What an awful sham of a justice system.

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Hi powderb the two suspects had not been officially of a accused of any criminal offence relating to Maho Yamaguchi assault

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Sorry powderb on a rickety tram, all fingers and thumbs.

Witness evidence is crucial to substantiate a prosecution from an arrest/indictment .

Significantly, Yamaguchi chan has been the victim of a failure to/of a duty of care from management company AKS.

Crucially there needs to be a official body and a legislative structure to enforce oversight

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AKB is human trafficing, the way these group run should be illegal.

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Failing that, can the victim herself press charges?

Why does a victim of a crime need to rely on their employer for the police to investigate and hold perpetrators to account? If she were unemployed would the cops not be able to investigate? I’m not intending to excuse her agency which should also be held responsible for any negligence on their part but why is it necessary for an entertainment agency be responsible for a law enforcement matter?

Yamaguchi is an adult. She should press charges and name names of her co-workers who were involved. Does she honestly think they are going to support her going forward after she has been attacking them publicly. She has had courage in making this into a public relations debacle for her employer. At this point she needs to stop pretending that she can bring about change in her situation without blowing the whistle on all involved.

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