AKB48 takes part in music festival of friendship in Vietnam


AKB48 took part in the second Japanese-Vietnamese music festival of friendship at Hanoi Opera House last Sunday night, the Japanese Embassy’s Culture Department said. The concert was broadcast live in Vietnam.

AKB48 were cheered on by about 3,000 fans who sang and danced along with the group.

Also representing Japan were Kumi Koda, AAA, Winds, Exile, as well as goodwill ambassadors, folk singer Natsuko Godai and Ryotaro Sugi -- all performing different genres of music.

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Doesn't sound very 'friendly' to me to send these bands over.

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music festival of friendship = please buy more of our crappy music

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AAA + w-inds + Exile = "different genres of music"??? Kumi Koda perhaps... Next time can we send SMAP??... on a one way ticket?

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In the morning news show, the topic is on air. In the program, the Vietnam's boys and girls are pleased with the stars' appearance.

I don't know the counterpart of the Vietnam's way of life. I think not only to bring the Japanese culture to the place, but also know how to live in the place of Vietnam.

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I have been to Vietnam many times and I am quite sure they would appreciate the effort of these bands taking the time to go visit them. Normally, they only get to see the local Vietnamese artist perform live. Maybe a lot of people don't think much of these groups....but you should go to someplace where you can see a smile on a kid's face who never get the chance to see them in person. Sometimes the smallest gesture can make a big difference in someone's life.

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Kumi Koda? You can keep her.

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Also representing Japan were Kumi Koda, AAA, Winds, Exile

plus AKB48

= declaration of war

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No idea why all the sour pusses here, if you do not like the music, fine, but this is Japan and Japan has its OWN music, and this is Asia, where Shibuya is seen as the center of the universe, many Japanese bands play there in Shibuya, and what does this have to do with Vietnam?? Japan is reaching out to Vietnam, hopefully their young people will like J Pop, and if it can make more $$$ for Japan sure, and if we can have better relations with the people of Vietnam, great!

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where you can see a smile on a kid's face

by watching a pack of sluttily dressed teenagers prancing around, plus Kumi Koda. Family entertainment indeed. You'd bring your kid there? Your comment is condescending to the Vietnamese, who have a culture of their own which beats the pants off any of this commercial vulgarity.


if it can make more $$$ for Japan sure, and if we can have better relations with the people of Vietnam

Sorry, the people benefitting are the production companies and the top tier "artists". I understand that Japan has its own music, so don't play the cultural relativity card. Some J-pop is good, some is crap. My point is that Japan could promote friendship and commerce in in more positive ways than spreading slut-pop around Asia.

Japan is in real trouble if it's government has to rely on the dumbest elements of its pop culture to sell Japan as a brand around the world.

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@ Plasticmonkey

My comments was never about politics, the Vietnamese or Japanese way of life, nor anyone taste in music. This event was just a simple concert for kids to enjoy who don't get the chance to see many foreign acts. Vietnam is still a poor Communist country....so there will not be much money made from this attempt to do something nice.

To answer your question, I do have a 15 year old daughter and I have no problem letting her see the show. It's very strict there and nothing vulgar on stage would be allowed. I have been to their concerts inside arenas....they do the same thing...(acts include Boy/Girl Bands, Rappers, and Pop Music in Vietnamese).

Seems to be a lot people commenting about how much they hate Asian entertainment....well none of you people are Asian teenagers....so they don't play for you. Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Boys II Men and other artists are coming to Japan later this year. My suggestion....buy a ticket to a show or a ticket to leave Japan.

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buy a ticket to a show or a ticket to leave Japan.

i.e. any criticism of J-pop is not allowed because it is a sacred cultural product of the "exotic other"? If I were living in the US and thought Boys II Men were detrimental to society (which I don't), would I be required to shut up or get out? Is this North Korea?

My criticism deals with a certain element of Japanese commercial culture that I find to be unhealthy for teenagers, socially challenged otaku, and the tenor of mass-marketed entertainment in this country. I am not taking down all of Japanese culture or even J-pop, as you seem to suggest. I have lived here for over 20 years, love many aspects of this country, and want the best for its people, including my family.

If I am critical, that is my nature. I can dish it out to my own as well, including myself.

If you disagree with my thoughts about AKB, you are most welcome to express so. My opinion should not make me a persona non grata.

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