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AKB48 to join Avex artists at this year's A-Nation music festival


Avex Group Holdings, one of Japan's top pop music production companies, this week officially announced its summer music festival, with popular all-girl group AKB48 taking part.

Each year since 2002, Avex has hosted a summer concert tour around Japan, called A-Nation, featuring the company's most successful acts. Top Avex acts like Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, AAA, Ai Otsuka, BoA, Hitomi, TRF, Every Little Thing and TVXQ have performed to major crowds each year.

This year's festival is set to kick off in Ehime on July 30 after which seven concerts will take place in five different locations around Japan, including Fukuoka on Aug 6, Aichi on Aug 13, Osaka on Aug 20-21 and Tokyo on Aug 27-28. More than 280,000 fans are expected to attend the festival.

This year, as well as Avex regulars, AKB48 are also booked to make their first appearance. Although AKB48 is not signed under Avex, their recently formed sub-unit DiVA is making its debut under Avex next week.

Other artists this year include TRF, Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity, Kumi Koda, Ami Suzuki, AAA, Maki Goto, GIRL NEXT DOOR, ICONIQ, mihimaru GT, SEAMO and 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers.

To support victims of Japan's recent earthquake and tsunami, the festival's theme will be "For Life." Tickets cost 7,900 yen, with 200 yen of the price being donated to charity. Avex officials said they hope to raise around 50 million yen.

Because of likely power shortages, Avex will have power supply trucks at the venues. The company also plans to provide “free public viewings” of the festival at Ito Yokado shops in tsunami-stricken areas.

In addition, Avex will sell goods bearing the logo “For Life,” and auction off items like the artists’ stage outfits. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

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As I have known, Avex is one of the giant entertainment firms in Japan. In responds to the current market, Avex can release new music albums in cooperation with rising talent bands and groups. AKB48 has reached its pre-market promotion campaign, now it has entered a professional course with one well-managed music record label. Just looking at the list of artists under Avex label, consumers can predict how Avex dominate Japan's music industries. Even EMI, SONY and Warner Music have established their affiliate labels in Japan.

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Does this mean that we will be seeing more of them on the front pages of JT, as it was beofre? Oh God, I hope so!!! Go girls! Entertain me, please

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I was asked if I wanted to attend A-Nation this year and this seals it -- definitely NOT!

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Wow they will donate a whole Y200 per ticket & SOME proceeds...................That SOME better be a lot, dont look good promoting yr tour on the back of a huge natural disaster!

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scamming with kids at its best.

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Donation at its worst.

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Part of the proceeds? Should be ALL. If they were smart, they'd go for the win-win and get themselves brand credit whilst helping their countrymen and women.

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Tickets cost 7,900 yen, with 200 yen of the price being donated to charity.

They could at least try for 10%

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Given the nature of the concert and some of the names going on stage 7,900 is very cheap by Japan standards. All the same, this 200 yen from a 7,900 ticket absolutely stinks of cheapness, and reminds me of 'discount shops' (where they'll sell you a shinkansen ticket, set date and seat, for 50 yen off the regular price). I know it costs money to put on, but once the bare minimum of costs are covered they should consider donating the rest, and I'm sure that's more than 200 yen a ticket. The 200 yen alone should be given for advertising it's for the disaster and claiming they will give more, etc. If you're going to donate, DONATE! I'm sure the artists wouldn't mind that much.

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