Akiko Yada makes comeback in 'Die Hard'-type drama


Actress Akiko Yada this week made her first public performance in four years, joining actor Kenji Sakaguchi, 34, in Odaiba for the preview screening of their Fuji Television special drama, "Keiji Narusawa Ryo: Tokyo Terror, Shijo Saiaku no 24jikan" (Detective Ryo Narusawa: Tokyo Terror: The Worst 24 Hours in History).

The show follows a tough detective, played by Sawaguchi, and his partner, a female detective played by Yada, on a 24-hour mission to stop a terror plot that threatens the lives of Tokyo's 13 million citizens.

Sakaguchi took pride in the hard work he put into his action-packed role, explaining, "I performed the part with the image of a zombie in my head. For the injuries, I studied Bruce Willis in the 'Die Hard' movies and tried to make it as realistic as I could."

Yada, 31, who had dropped out of sight since her divorce from ex-actor Manabu Oshio last August, was greeted with cheers and calls of "Yada-san!" as she appeared on stage. "I really pulled myself together and gave it all I could," she said. "The shoot was only 13 days, but every one of those days was really jam-packed."

The drama will begin airing May 29 at 9 p.m. on Fuji TV.

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Studied Bruce Willis hehe I guess American movies are really inspiring. :O Cant wait to check out the drama when I can.

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Kenji Sakaguchi is hot !

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"Die Hard"

The best action film series ever.

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Akiko Yada is hot ... is she single now?

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I'll pass again this new "badly acted, bad effect, poor scenario" artwork

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Sarge sorry but I can think of severl action film series that top "Die Hard" such as "Rambo", "Predator", "Missing in Action", "Conan"!

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Hot women. Looks so different then when she was a kid

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I studied Bruce Willis in the ‘Die Hard’ movies and tried to make it as realistic as I could

So the usual bad acting and over the top delivery of lines?

Even by the title, you can see it's just trying to be a bad rip-off of 24. I bet they'll do the split screens and bleepy-bleep block thing too.

I'm so glad I don't watch Japanese TV. Just one minute of this would probably give me a rash where I don't want one.

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