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Akina Minami shows her roller blade skills


Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven, a new comedy unit born from Fuji TV's "Quiz! Hexagon!!" show, celebrated the release of their debut song together with "Mai Satoda with Inaka Kazoku" at a special event this week at Kanagawa's Lazona Kawasaki shopping center.

Lead singer Akina Minami's "I Believe: Yume wo Kanaeru Maho no Kotoba" and Satoda's "Don't leave me" were released together on Wednesday as a double A-side single. About 12,000 fans shouted their approval as the two groups performed their new songs.

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Akina is definitely talented. Not only can she shoot arrows, she can roller blade!

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Yes, but can she sing? Yes, irrelevant question.

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Only in Japan can a pop group be named the same as a brand of cigarettes and nobody bat an eyelid.

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Shame on her for promoting an inferior cigarette like Japan Tobacco's Mild Seven.

For fine tobacco try Altria Group's Marlboro range.

As for Hexagon, I personally can't stand that greaser Shimada Shinsuke and the way he turns previously interesting shows into talento talk wankfests with a million unrelated side projects.

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Roller blading singers ? Can it get any more dasai ?

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Almost makes me want to take up smoking again!

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Pukey2 - Do you think she can play volleyball?

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Some Tarento go through great lengths to hide their short legs

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Do they come with a health warning? Is this another cunning ruse by JT to get the kids hooked on fags?

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seen it. was epic.

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