Amazon bets big on Europe as it takes on Netflix


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Can't keep up with the releases any more.

And binge-watching is sleep depriving.

Still prefer just a movie or a book. Thank God I never got into gaming or gambling. Suppose TV is more interesting than them though (except free-to-air ワイドナショー of course).

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Love Netflix!

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All the kids films and TV shows on Amazon Prime in Japan are dubbed in Japanese and there's no English option, which I find a bit rubbish.

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@simon: Same thing happened with Sky Perfect TV years ago and now they are dead essentially.

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Netflix has some great content but it's interface is horrible. Not sure with other services. Personally im fed up with the streaming war, I just want one platform. Some hulu or amazon content should be on netflix.

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@papigiulio: Competition keeps prices lower and quality up. Promise you if there was only one streaming service it would be super boring and expensive.

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Roberts brings her star power to a 10-episode psychological thriller called "Good Omens".

Good Omens is one of my all-time favorite books and I am VERY excited for this adaptation. That said, I certainly wouldn't describe it as a psychological thriller. Not sure how to describe it. Not going to try here, as I'd hate to spoil anything for anyone.

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Netflix has some great content but it's interface is horrible.

Out of the three streaming services I have tried (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime) Netflix in Japan has been the best by far. Both Hulu and Prime have the same shows in different languages separated so it isn't as easy to find shows in English. Netflix also has much better content.

Prime is the clear winner in value though, especially if you already have Prime for free Amazon deliveries. In which case it is basically free.

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Japan and South Korea should have their own Platforms with eng sub.

Mubi is also not bad.

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All the kids films and TV shows on Amazon Prime in Japan

Not the shows I'm watching. When you search, Japanese and English versions should show up, if available. If you downloaded an overdubbed series, don't assume that's the only one available, Look closer at your search results.

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