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Amber Heard cross-examined about fights with Johnny Depp


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She is by all means guity, it's hard to even watch her testify.

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The cross examination was brutal. Amber was exposed, over and over on basically every single thing. Her evidence was proven to be false or non existent. Her Testimony was shown to be fabricated and inconsistant. And she had no visible injuries to match any of the injuries she claimed she suffered, and zero medical records to support her.

But....fianl act of the day was the worst for her. Her attorney, faced with this mountain of lies and an unreliable narrative from a mentally unstable client, was forced to abandon her redirect. She literally rolled her eyes and paraphrasing said, 'I've got nothing your honor'.

It's all over.

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Just reading she’s been dumped from DC comics movies. A little karma I’d say.

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Watched a bit of the cross and attempted redirect.

Craziest lie was "I consider pledge and paying to be the same thing". With regard to paying the ACLU and children's hospital.

The rest of her testimony was just not believable. Too many other witnesses contradicted her.

This trial is important because it shows when MeToo can be used as a weapon.

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I remember clearly someone being arrested in 2009 for DV against a partner. It was Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp however never had any arrests for DV, only lots of testimonies from his ex-partners and kids that he's "the sweetest guy you can imagine".

I feel really sorry for Johnny.

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