American action movie star Steven Seagal gets Serbian citizenship


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So he "was offered (the opportunity) to train Serbian special police forces in Aikido"? I'm amazed they didn't hire him to give acting lessons!

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No biggy. He wasn't that famous. I'd be pulling my hair out if it were Clint Eastwood, H. Ford or Jack Nicholson.

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Will he get the Serbian police to frown moodily, speak is a soft voice and fight in slow motion?

Seriously, who cares about this muppet? As an actor he's on a par with a plank of wood and the only interesting aspect for JT readers is that he has a half Japanese daughter who appeared in a couple of Gamera films in the 90s.

He's just another posturing fool who wants to make a name for himself in the dodgy politics of eastern Europe.

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Serbia has officially sought EU membership but has been struggling to overcome strong opposition from pro-Kremlin nationalists.

They're allies - why would they do that?

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Anyone who'd consider Serbian citizenship an honour probably deserves it...

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Stevie is actually quite fluent in Japanese and used to live in Japan, I think he has a couple of kids here. Some of his old films he was ok, now days he tries to hard to make the movie seem real, and it ends up feeling fake. Can Stevie have dual citizenships? I think he must renounce his U.S. one before becoming a Serb. These actors seeking getting love from abroad, makes you wonder where their head is at. I guess the rumor that he was CIA is done with, but I think he is a sheriff in Louisana?

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