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And then there were eight ... Girls' Generation ousts star


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Undoubtedly a staged media garnering & marketing ploy. There is no such thing as bad publicity. She will acquire a sympathetic audience for her solo career and GG will get renewed interest for their insipid J-pap. Brilliant tactical move by the management of both teams to arrange a stunt like this. And I'm sure her fashion line will be as successful as Mariko Shinoda's.

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She had one of the better voices in the group and definitely of the better sets of legs. Thanks for all the fun and pleasure. AND of course it is all business. Show me one person who puts friendship over money and business and I will show you an intelligent military general.

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If this happens in AKB the headline with be "then there were 47"......

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I'm devastated here; it's like being hit by an earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption rolled into one. Without whats-her-name things will never be the same again.

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renewed interest for their insipid J-pap.

They're Korean, you know.

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“They kept saying that they were like families and they would sing and stick together until they became grannies,” said one disillusioned fan. “But they were just business partners after all.”

Take a deep breath. All the big kids realized this long ago amigo. You will be the stronger for this mature revelation.

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They're Korean, you know.

Heh. Apparently it doesn't matter what country you operate out of. If you're in an idol group everything you produce is "J-pap". I wish I had a share of the income that "J-pap" produces each year. I could "J-pap"er my walls with yen notes.

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They could have just replaced her with one of the millions of clones walking the streets of Seoul.

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“They kept saying that they were like families and they would sing and stick together until they became grannies.”


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Slow news day?

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Now I know her name and in 15 minutes will forget it.

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