Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt get engaged


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They were not married to each other but they have 6 kids??

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Well, their union has been well consummated by now.

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What's the point of getting married? After the long relationship and the kids without tying the knot, they must just be getting married so then can have a big Hollywood divorce a year from now.

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I want to see a Mr. & Mrs. Smith sequel with a rematch of their great fight in the first movie!

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I thought I read somewhere that they said they weren't going to get married until gay marriage was accepted in all fifty states.

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Looks like someone is trying to lock in her man. Perhaps there is fear of the 7-year-itch.

Poor Brad Pitt. He's tied his fate to a woman who is only going to get crazier with age.

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i thought they were married already. shows how much celeb news i can be bothered to read. congrates

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Bebert - Brad has tied his fate to a ridiculously hot woman!

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I believe it when the ring goes on - and yes, they did say they wouldn't get married until gays were allowed to marry in all States. Publicity is all this is.

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Don't you think they're rushing things a bit?

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Love the great couple...keep going guys! You are beautiful people inside out.

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Good on them for not buckling to the stereotype that marriage = necessary for a strong relationship and a happy family. Their children are beautiful and always look full of joy (except maybe Shiloh, she definitely has her mother's teenage-era moodiness going on heh). I wish them a happy marriage, though I'm thinking somewhere in the world Jen Aniston probably isn't jumping for joy...

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Perhaps they are wanting to give the children the gift of married parents.

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