Angelina Jolie wants divorce finalized by end of 2018


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Like she needs the child support.  also why this drawn out nonsense.  Get a quickie and get out of our faces.

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Sounds like bits of Mr & Mrs Smith coming true!

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Paying alimony is not a matter of money, it is a matter of power control, and sometimes showing your children you still want to take care of them.

The alimony

It depends on both parent money and not just one.

You have to pay 30% of alimony no matter how rich is the other parent. It insures your children previous lifestyle and garanties your parent's rights over your children education.

There is 6 children to be raised and protect as hollywood royalty. Education is very costly in america if you want to send the six in a good university.

The power over the woman

Men are all the same. Pitt could have given the power of attorney over the alimony paying. It would have been always the same and always at the same time.

But, by keeping the finger on the alimony and sending the money every month, he kept the power control. Angelina may even need to call. It is petty and territorial. It shows bad faith and probably previous passive violent behavior.

This is a normal kind of harassment over the woman freedom who leave the inane male. Angelina testimony is very classic in a divorce case.

To Conclude

Men are always horrible during divorce. 2000 years of complete power control (and abuses) over women liberty et children education are hard to break. But it is only justice for women to be as free as man. We use to endure so much in a world where there is no protection for our girls and women. We will never go back.

Power for Woman !! Wooowooo! ^^



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NadègeAug. 8 08:02 pm JST


°Paying alimony is not a matter of money, it is a matter of power control,

Someone worth a $160 million (jolie) is being controlled by someone who is worth $240 million (pitt) because they didn't get paid child support, that's gotta be the weirdest logic ever. Jolie can do what ever she likes when ever she likes because of her wealth is apparently being power controlled - I think the writer of this comment is anti male not substantiating reality.

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You lost 99% of the population/readers by screaming 'ALL MEN ARE THE SAME......'. The world would be very boring if that were true. The same way that the world would be very boring if all women were the same.

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This is not a matter of wealth, but, childcare, then it is a matter of power play. And all male are pretty much the same on this.

Power is not about being rich, it is about psychology. It is well know in divorces cases. Since he is so rich why does he delay the payment ? Because he knows she is angry about it and this way he still had the power to control this in her life.

For her, it is not a matter of money, this is the reminder of everything he didn't do or did the same way : with a delay because she asked it or wanted it.

I am not anti-male, I am a #meToo which mean I am just realistic about male normal behavior. I helped women to realize that the male next to her is not always a prince charming after 2500 years of sex slavery.

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Men are always horrible during divorce.

Wonder why? Because in all divorce cases the biased legal system sides with the woman, no matter the reason for divorce, and strip the man of absolutely everything, from his children to the shirt off his back. That's serious, and no one would take it lightly.

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There is no biases toward woman. There is men history in courtroom, and father historic after courtroom. They forced the judge to protect women from their naive religious illusion.

During divorce, this is about money and kids are just a tool.

Most people got this strange ideal about men loving to pay for their children education and liking the freedom of not having control anymore on the mother. But let me tell you, this is all a big lie.

It is the same big lie as the good political man that was punching his wife, and has the right to so, because they were married. Religion said, he was still a good person, but reality shows that he was not. He was a violent men that thought "punching a defenseless human" made him big men.

A divorce take the man's power on the family he never care that much, AWAY. In 90% cases, this is all that matter, and by his behavior Brad Pitt shows his nature here.

Joly spoke about money, and then, he made the long list with big figures that is the third of what he should have paid. He won the public, but she won the judge biases.



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