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Animate Girls Festival 2011 to be held at Ikebukuro Sept 23-24


This Friday and Saturday, Animate Girls Festival (AGF) is going to be held at Ikebukuro in Tokyo. AGF is an event for "Otome girls," or girls who love anime, games and manga specially created for them. Cosplayers will also gather at this event.

Ikebukuro is often called a mecca for Otome girls among fans. There is even an Otome Street. The Animate flagship store is also located in Ikebukuro. It's a place anime fans definitely won't want to miss when traveling to Japan.

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Wish I could attend.

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Never expected this to appear on JP. Been to the one last year, way too many people in such a small space, hope it's bigger this year, but I'm not going this time.

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So (serious question, not being snarky) is an "otome" a female counterpart to an "otaku", or is "otaku" gender-neutral?

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It is a place all right minded non Japanese and japanese will avoid.

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Damn fujoshi!!!

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I wished i could attend. Too late :(

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