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Anime film 'your name.’ director Makoto Shinkai is immortalized in an asteroid’s name

By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

Makoto Shinkai can add one more special achievement to his resume that is quite literally out of this world. 

Shinkai, 45, best known for his animated films bursting with lush visuals, had an asteroid named in his honor earlier this month.

If your immediate reaction is that naming a hunk of rock and metal after someone is not so much of a compliment, then recall the pivotal role that a comet, another type of celestial body, played in Shinkai’s 2016 worldwide hit "your name." In that sense, the newly christened “55222 Makotoshinkai” asteroid pays homage to both the film and its director.  

▼ The comet is even a prominent focus in promotional images for "your name."

Photo: Rohan Vats @rohanesque

55522 Makotoshinkai was actually discovered back in 2001 by astronomer Roy A. Tucker at the Goodricke-Piggott Observatory in Arizona, U.S. The discoverer of an asteroid has the right to propose a name for it, which must then undergo a lengthy approval process following strict protocol by the International Astronomical Union. Certainly not all proposed names make the final cut, so Tucker must have been incredibly pleased that this one passed the test.

Shinkai’s asteroid is recorded as being 7.25 kilometers in diameter and is located in the outer main asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. More information about its physical properties and orbital path can be found at NASA’s JET Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology.

"your name." and Shinkai fans took to the net to share their excitement about the asteroid: 

“Not every naming is approved. I’m happy that this one was allowed!”

“'your name.' strikes again! Its influence is everywhere…”c“Let’s pray that it won’t come crashing down to Earth like the comet in that story.”

“Before I knew it an anime director was immortalized in space.”

“Why hasn’t someone named an asteroid ‘Namek’ or ‘Vegeta’ yet?”

By the way, this isn’t the first time that Tucker has named an asteroid after a famous Japanese cultural figure.

The same day that he made the 55222 Makotoshinkai announcement, he also tweeted news about other recently approved asteroid names including ones named after  "Godzilla" films composer Akira Ifukube, anime and video game composer Yasuhara Takanashi, author Yukito Ayatsuji, manga artist Lynn Okamoto, and author Kinoko Nasu.

Source: Yurukuyaru

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Nice, Let's hope this meteor wont do the same as it did in the movie

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Congratulations, Makoto Shinkai! Your name is immortal now. Remember how the amateur astronomer Yuji Hyakutake found a bright comet in 1996 that was extremely bright - I could see it in the downtown of my home city all night long while driving my Pontiac. In the suburbs you could see its very long tail. Comet Hyakutake didn't hurt the Earth.

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ToshihiroToday 09:29 am JSTNice, Let's hope this meteor wont do the same as it did in the movie

It's an asteroid and the chances of it hitting planet Earth are billions to one. A very unlikely chance, nothing to get hung about.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

For those who didn't see the other News headlines today.... we had a rather nasty near miss from a somewhat large asteroid that Astronomers sort of missed....

So.. having one's name assigned to a bit of rock is all well and good today, but eventually if one of these hits target, who cares, no one will know your name by then anyway.

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