Anna Tsuchiya gets crowd going in last show of national tour


Actress-singer Anna Tsuchiya, 24, finished her “KachiAtsui!” national tour Sunday night with a performance at the SHIBUYA-AX live house.

She flung off her jacket at the start of the show and performed in pink and black tights. There were cries of “Sexy!” from the audience, and Anna replied: “Oh stop it. I’m not really wearing anything today!” which fired up the crowd of about 2,000 people.

R&B singer AI, 27, who teamed up with Tsuchiya in their 2008 single “CRAZY WORLD feat. AI”, rushed out on to the stage as a surprise guest for the encore.

Tsuchiya toured the country to promote her second album, "Nudy Show," on sale in Japan since Oct 29, and scheduled for release in Europe from January.

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She sucks.

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Hot though

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Ai sucks too.

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Nowhere near hot. Skinny as a toothpick, can't sing, can't act. She can barely be "half". Not sure what the draw is here, but apparently (and OBVIOUSLY), there is this hidden 'talent' gene that only those of Japanese heritage can see..

This girl has it. As does just about any other bimbo with an album.

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Tacky outfit.

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Go girl! Anywhere else!

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“Oh stop it. I’m not really wearing anything today!”

Bad translation or she's a bad liar? No dear, you're wearing silver boots, pink stockings, a black skirt and not pulling it off too well.

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She used to be on the NHK Italian language show.She was so lazt and had such an attitude you couldt tell the other members were dying to smack her.

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