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Anna Tsuchiya introduces documentary on orphanage for Japanese-American children


Actress-singer Anna Tsuchiya is promoting TV Tokyo's special documentary program on an orphanage for Japanese-American children after Word War II, titled "Paradise at the End of the Tunnel.”

The documentary is about Miki Sawada who took care of Japanese-American children after World War II. Tsuchiya narrates the documentary.

Tsuhichiya, who is Japanese-American, recalled her childhood experience. “At school, many kids were surprised to see my name in katakana. My mother told me that the situation for people like me was much harsher in the past.”

The program will be aired on March 11.

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I was under the impression that Ms Tsuchiya was half Russian and Japanese. Is she really Japanese-American?

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OssanAmerica, I don't think you have to be a mix of Japanese and American to be Japanese-American. I think they might mean that Anna Tsuchiya is Japanese but was born in America and thus is Japanese-American.

I speak from my own situation experience because I am considered Japanese-Canadian. I have Japanese parents, but I was born in Canada.

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So she can still be part Russian and Japanese and still be Japanese-American as long as she was born in America.

And I think you are right that she is part Russian. Judging by the photo (which is hard to do sometimes), she looks more Japanese, so I would say she is 50% Japanese 25% American and 25% Russian. That would just be my wild guess.

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Her pop is usually described as Russian-American.

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I think she did a great job in the 2004 film, Shimotsuma Monogatari. (Released in English as "Kamikaze Girls.")

I wish her continued success.

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OK, seems her mother is Japanese and her father is an American of Russian ancestry.

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Just a question. I was under the impression that a "nursing home" is a place for the elderly, while a "nursery school" is a place for children. Am I incorrect?

Moderator: The text has been amended to read orphanage.

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"orphanage for Japanese-American children"

that's a fancy name for 'Relocation and internment camp'

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NeoJamal, you're not too far off mate.

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Perhaps better known as the "Elizabeth Saunders Home."

Miki Sawada is one of those rare people who are great souls.

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Tsuchiya was lucky. Japanese kids are notorious for being haiseke to foreigners, depending on the kind of parents they got stuck with.

Why, my mom and her sisters were badly treated by her cousins in post-war Japan after being forcibly deported by Canada after the war.

But karma got even when all the cousins became like geisha.

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I quite like Ms. Tsuchiya. Very interesting and talented, I think.

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I think she did a great job in the 2004 film, Shimotsuma Monogatari.

I agree. Her over-the-top, roaring lion parts reminded me of some of Toshiro Mifune's wilder moments. I like her as an actress and a model, not so much as a singer/rock star.

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Never heard of her. Actually looking forward to the show.

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hmmm, JpnCdn thinks she looks more Japanese? I think she looks more white lol. Guess that definitely means she's mixed ^^

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