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Anna Tsuchiya promotes cervical cancer prevention campaign


Anna Tsuchiya, 29, a model and mother of two boys, has been enlisted to promote a cervical cancer prevention campaign. Tsuchiya on Tuesday appeared at an event, "Hello Smile Live," to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Organizers said Tsuchiya was chosen to promote the campaign because of her strong feminist persona.

"I want women to not be ashamed of having a check-up for cervical cancer. It's our obligation. I would also like to see more men care about women's health issues," Tsuchiya said.

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I like her, the more down to earth tarento out there. And a good looking one too.

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Did she actually mean to express the word "ashamed", or is this a mistranslation, and the word should be "embarrassed"?

But good for her. I am horrified that so few women get regular checkups - many don't have one until they get pregnant! A friend of mine had her first one only when in her 40s... I was gobsmacked.

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There's no reason for young women not to get the HPV vaccine. That should also be part of the message.

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But Baby Jesus will be sad....

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no pics og Anna chan?? gee

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Good on her, and I'm all for the prevention of any kind of cancer, but the promotion of the HPV vaccine is wrong. They have no long-term studies on it, and their claims that none of the people who have had the vaccine have developed the cancer (still young, which makes it more silly) is not proof they would have gotten it otherwise.

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How do you prevent cervical cancer? By buying an overpriced vaccine with thousands of reports of side effects and adverse reactions? http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/10/16/unproven-hpv-vaccine-safety.aspx

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Smith and sengoku, thanks for the posts. I hadn't heard any of that before.

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