Anne Heche, star with troubled life, dies of crash injuries


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We knew this yesterday.

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The movie she was working on exposing sex trafficking is still going ahead, despite her mysterious death...https://www.dailywire.com/news/anne-heche-was-working-on-sex-trafficking-film-before-death

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OK, Anne Heche’s life was difficult, troubled, all the rest of it. But when she got into that car under the influence and drove off, she could have done far more damage than she did. She could have hit anyone, killed anyone - and if she had done that, killed people because of criminal carelessness, we’d be reading an entirely different set of headlines and epitaphs. It’s a sad and hopeless way to die, but personally, my sympathies are limited.

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No, she died from ramming herself deliberately into a brick wall, of a private residence, in her car.

Let’s call a spade, a spade.

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Must be a sow news day, we knew all this before. Still more sympathy for the innocent householder; agree with BigYen.

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Drunk, drugs, drive, dead. Driving at 100 mph does that.

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She smashed into a woman's home destroying her treasured possession which can not be replaced by money alone.

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Redstorm,her insurance will pay for the damages,they were in the process of failing charges against her, before she died

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Redstorm,her insurance will pay for the damages,they were in the process of failing charges against her, before she died

How does money replace personal treasures like wedding photos, photos of children, private letters, and personal jewelry?

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Obviously fighting her own demons but enjoyed her roles in films….. she made people’s life more enjoyable thru her talent. Thank you and RIP.

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Those responsible for her death, the dealers who provided her with the cocaine that impaired her judgement , shall remain unnamed and unpunished.

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Rest In Peace, Anne.

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