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Anne to host radio music program


Model and actress Anne, 25, will host a new radio music series, “Anne's Anytime Andante,” on Nippon Hoso at 6 p.m. on Oct 9. “It's the first time I've been on the air just talking by myself,” Anne said. “I hope to get better at that.”

“I hope to give people the feeling that I'm just relaxing in my room,” she said of the atmosphere she wants to give the series. “I'm also trying to pass a history test about the Edo Period, so I hope to introduce a section of the show where I get quizzed on that.”

Anne also hinted to reporters that she wouldn't mind talking about her love life on air.

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Nippon Hoso at 6.00pm? Yeah, just before Prime Time.

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Forgive me for not knowing, but is this woman a model and actress, or "model and actress"?

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What will the music/waffle ratio be? I don't want to hear Anne wittering on about her love life, nor do I wish to hear about the Edo period. Think I'll stick to the internet radio.

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No idea who she is but she goes by Anne?? No last name?? Like Koyuki San??

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She looks like Ando Miki in that picture.

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She is the daughter of the Ken Watanabe. She is fond of historical novel and goods, I heard. She said she was "Rekizyo", girls who like historical novel, goods, places.

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Who? Sorry if it was Koyuki I would care.

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Opps, daughter of Ken Watanabe? OK, I do care...because of that. He's lovely.

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People in their mid-20s tend to think their lives are more interesting than they actually are

I know what you mean but judging by the number of people I see with "problems" beyond this age group and should know better, I tend to think it's a individual thing.

Anne looks lovely as far as I'm concerned

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