Anzen Chitai announces comeback concert tour after 7 years


The 5-member band Anzen Chitai announced this week that they will tour Japan for the first time in seven years. They will start their "Completely Revival" tour at the Yokosuka Arts Theatre in Kanagawa Prefecture on July 3, and then perform in 27 prefectures for a total of 35 concerts.

The band is asking their fans to request songs they would like to hear on their website. Vocalist Koji Tamaki, 51, said: "We're going to make this a great tour."

Anzen Chitai, who announced their comeback suddenly on Jan 8, will also release a new album, "Aoi Bara" (Blue rose), on March 3.

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Their song, Koi no Yokan, was an absolute classic.

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Where were they and what were they doing for 7 years??

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why would you want to top 7 years of silent bliss? pack it in boys and stick to helping your wives with the ironing. irreplaceable is a word that doesn't spring to mind. don't forget the starch.

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hey goatlover maybe you're too young to remember anzen but they have some great songs and I think it's only fair that we 'old goats' get to go out and do a little returning to our younger wilder days.

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I love the music of Anzen Chitai and have been a fan of theirs since they first made their debut. I will definately go to their concert.

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Vivian Hsu should join up with them.

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Yes they are totally classic but they are getting fantastic rather than ageing ! I am so thank to them. See you guys soon!

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