Aoi Miyazaki, Sosuke Takaoka to divorce after 4 1/2 years


Actress Aoi Miyazaki, 26, and her husband, actor Sosuke Takaoka, 29, who are living separately, announced this week that they are going to finalize their divorce before the end of the year. They have been married for 4 1/2 years.

Tabloid media quoted a source close to the couple as saying that divorce papers have been signed and will be filed on Dec 29. Miyazaki wanted to wait until after she attends a ceremony for her movie on Dec 28, the source said.

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Miyazaki wanted to wait until after she attends a ceremony for her movie on Dec 28

Keeping it classy, as if Takaoka was going to be walking with her down the aisle on the red carpet anyway.

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Sad ! what is wrong with these people.........

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They have been married for 4 1/2 years

BIIIG news. It is a world record!. better put it in the guiness world record. Recomend for the best actor woman in Japan. Give her the emporer award. All gainin people can be very proud of her. 4 1/2 years!! she made it! Sasuke 2011!! Make impossible to possible........

All gainin and others planning to marry can challenge this new world record...

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This is probably related to the anti-Korean comments Sosuke made a few months ago; her management probably advised her to do this. If that's the case (which I suspect it is), then she obviously holds her career in higher priority to her marriage which is fair enough. I'll never forget her performance in Harmful Insect when she was 16... it seared itself onto my brain, such a sad movie. Good riddance Sosuke, you no-talent racist.

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Last summer, Sosuke Takaoka tweeted "Fuji TV shows too many Korean dramas. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs. It feels like Korean programs brainwash you...blah blah." His comment spread around ネトウヨ/Net Uyoku (net right-wing). The internet bulletin board Channel 2 is the best known home of the Net Uyoku. About 8000+ protestors protested outside Fuji TV last August, complaining about the network showing too many South Korean TV programs. They had Japanese flags and singing national anthem. Takaoka said he hasn't been with her since then. (She moved out?) I agree with oginome. He is such a racist.

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WHAA! lol i didn't know she was married! they're both hot!!! sux they had to divorce T.T

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They divorced because he is against Korean drama? If only for this, this is ridiculous.

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who cares, although 4.5yrs is pretty long on these isles, she looks half her age in this pic haha so I guess she has plenty of time for round #2

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Actress Aoi Miyazaki, 26

26???? I don't know her, just opened this thread at random but how long ago was this picture taken, when she attended elementary school? Doesn't she have a recent picture or is she so happy about her divorce she cant retain her silly giggling ?

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themunyatimes, how do you know she giggles in a silly manner if you don't know her? This is just a random photo of her smiling. There is a thing called "google" if you care enough to see other pictures of her. She is a very classy, talented young actress and I'm glad she has decided to divorce her ex-actor husband.

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I wonder too...why they are divorced. I also understood that DV is common among J couples and wife keeps quiet about it and walks out when she can't take it anymore...

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"What's wrong with these people?"

You'd have to ask what is wrong with the 30% of couples who get divorced. Sounds like there's nothing wrong with them, just being human.....

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This is just a random photo of her smiling.

This is a photo that either was taken years ago or she is ever-young and doesn't age. This is not a smile, she is grinning like she just put her hands on Fort Knox Gold and the hormones of happiness flooded her brain and became irretrievably stupid. That is too much for someone who just divorced.

There is a thing called "google" if you care enough to see other pictures of her.

I did the Google search before I posted that message, I heard about Google before you kindly informed me about it , (ara maaaa ) and found some really nice photos of her, that's why I don't understand why her agent provides this photo of her for the media.

I don't know if she is talented or not, I don't watch Japanese movies and dramas, they get on my nerves, however I still have some favorite Japanese actors, some of them played roles in Hollywood movies and were grate. I do not think Japanese dramas and movies and the whole conception of direction could bring the best out of the actors.


You'd have to ask what is wrong with the 30% of couples who get divorced. Sounds like there's nothing wrong with them, just being human.....

I always ask why the 30% of people gets married at all?

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Guess they thought it was a good idea at the time and you never really know until you live together married for a year or two and find out....!

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Guess they thought it was a good...............

That is one thing, the other is when young people get married they are still in the middle of changes, their personal character develops and changes, they are building their career and those changes might bring them closer to each others or might separate them. I think people should have a good ten years of life of their own before they tie their life together with someone else's life and have children.

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Takaoka is a bigot. Good on her for dropping his butt.

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how can she be an actress with this look?

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how can she be an actress with this look?

Watch Harmful Insect and you'll understand why she's an actress.

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A divorce isn't the end of the world, people can't always make the best / correct decision, I mean life goes on.

Though I would agree that alot of her movies are not oscar worthy or anything, but I dare say she at least tries to break out of this "tarentino" mold thats put on most actress her age. Whither she is successful, is debateable. She has done some non sense comedy movies that i happen to enjoy, but she has also ventured into more dark movies such as harmful bug as others have eluded to. She has also starred in atsu-hime, a more historical drama.

Sad to hear, wish her the best in the future i suppose.

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So divorce is the solution for all family problems?

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That's good for Takaoka. Now he can go for some younger looking person. She's getting too old and ugly.

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Also Takaoka didn't say anything that wasn't true. Fuji TV does show too many Korean shows.

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There were many reports that weren't delivered to the citizens. Instead, they aired irrelevant foreign dramas, and on the morning news, they reported biased information.

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