Apple cancels world premiere of film 'The Banker' after unspecified 'concerns'


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Colour me intrigued.

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The trailer is really good. Apple homepage, under TV.

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More #metoo nonsense, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, and why is the rest of the cast being penalized for the alleged actions of one person?

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metoo nonsense

You consider sexual assault to be nonsense? You and your kind are what is wrong here, to think profits should trump a criminal investigation.

Apple chooses, quite rightly, not to release a film while this accusation - of the rape of minors - hangs over it. No doubt they will release at a later date. Don't worry, your investment in the film is safe.

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I don't think he discounts the assaults and alleged assaults. The issue is punishing all the other actors and investors who had nothing to do with the crime and alleged crime (don't know if convicted yet, sorry). Even delays can hurt investments as people can pull out of what they view is a sinking ship. Imagine you're in a restaurant and police arrest the person sitting next to you. The police then proceed to freeze your bank accounts just because you were a few seats away from that guy.

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Sure, you'll get your money back (unfrozen), after a delay.

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With mass media, while courts maintain innocent until proven guilty, your reputation (and hence your ability to get a job) are ruined. I know britain used to have a rule that not only protected the identity of the victim, but of the accused as well. It's no more prior restraint than protection of victims identity alone. We may need to go back to that due to mass media.

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Last week some concerns surrounding the film were brought to our attention,

What concerns. I've no idea

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