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Arashi announces tour of five major domes plus Tokyo's National Stadium


All-male pop band Arashi will play concerts at five domes as well two gigs at Tokyo's National Stadium later this year.

Arashi announced the tour earlier this week at a fan event "Arashi no Waku Waku School 2013" at Tokyo Dome. Fans yelled out in delight as the group announced the tour.

As a pre-tour concert, the group will hold "Arashi Festival" at the National Stadium on Sept 21-22. This will be the sixth consecutive year for Arashi to perform at the arena which only allows one concert performance by a group each year.

Promoters say 870,000 fans are expected to attend the nationwide concerts, Nikkan Sports reported.

The tour begins Nov 8-10 at Nagoya Dome, followed by Sapporo Dome (Nov 15-17), Osaka's Kyocera Dome (Nov 22-24), Tokyo Dome (Dec 12-15) and Fukuoka Dome (Dec 20-22).

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They will PLAY 5 concerts?? Didn't realize they played instruments.

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Can't wait to get tix to that, said no gaijin ever.

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quick search on youtube for "arashi". Proof this country is deaf.

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Japanese people under 35 don't "listen" to music, the "watch" it.

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When Arashi plays at the National Stadium ... all I have to do is to open my patio doors ... and let their sounds flow in. As a matter of fact, their music/singing envelops the whole neighborhood. It's a good thing they can put on a good show ... 'cause that way nobody complains ...

Plus ... it's free ...

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I'm relieved by the comments here. Besides Edojin's anyway.

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It is 2013. That means the concert at the National Stadium was "Arafes 2013" and the concert at the 5 major dome was "ARASHI Live Tour 2013 Love ". The National Stadium has been working toward the Tokyo Olympics. So the 2013’s concert was the last. Arashi had a concert at the National Stadium for the first time in 2008 and they had concert there for six consecutive years. And they decided to hold the first time at the New National Stadium. I’m proud of them. And I definitely want to go to that concert.

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