Ariana Grande sues fashion firm over 'look-alike model'

By Jamie McCarthy

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Bankruptcy willtake care of this lawsuit should Grande win.

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Won't the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

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Ariana Grande has 163 million Instagram followers, making her the most-followed woman on the photo- and video-sharing social media platform  

How much do you want to bet more than 130 million of those followers are guys?

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Even a single social media post by Ms Grande can garner fees of several hundred thousand dollars, and her longer-term endorsement arrangements command fees in the millions of dollars," it said.

This says so much about our modern society and the value we place on celebrity and superficiality.

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How much do you want to bet more than 130 million of those followers are guys?

I'd take that bet - my assumption is that it's closer to 130 million are teenage girls, not guys.

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This will be interesting. Clothing retailers are famous for creating similar looking knock offs of each other and original trends.

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Most important part of this “news” was my thought of starting a clothing or cosmetics line.

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Getting rich by suing, America's "culture" at its best.

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Forever 21 was actually in talks with Ariana Grande's agency about a licensing agreement between them, but the talks broke down

Then Forever 21 did these images

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Getting rich by suing, America's "culture" at its best.

If you really think Ariana Grande needs to sue Forever 21 in order to 'get rich,' you've got another thing coming. She currently has an estimated net worth of between $50 million and $80 million. According to one source, she was paid roughly $8 million to perform and be at Coachella this year.

Like or don't like her personality or her music, but nobody can take away from the fact the woman sells records and tickets.

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